Shannon Arvizu

“Working with Naada has been one of the most important and valuable things I have ever done.  We accomplished far more in a much shorter period of time than I have ever experienced with traditional therapy, and with much more positive, concrete and permanent results.  She is such a wealth of information and knowledge and easy to talk to.  I trust her completely.  She has helped me change things (such as thoughts I would easily land on) that had bothered me about myself for so long and I have truly become my best self.  I am so grateful to know her.”                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Jamie Cook Simon


“I have utilized Naada’s unique healing techniques for over 2 years. Her considerable knowledge of an immense array of healing techniques, combined with a very practical approach, makes her highly effective for those in every walk of life"     

                                                                                    - Andy Berk                                                                                                                                     


"Naada's session leaves you feeling empowered to continue your journey of expansion far beyond the time you spend with her.  She facilitates in tapping into the purity of your essence and helps you extract all the goodness and brilliance that already exists, amplifying it so it can be seen on the surface of your being. You feel as if the depths of any toxic energy that has been lingering in your body is released, so you have the choice to access your heightened sense of self.  This allows your intuition to be activated in a crystal clear way and you have a deeper understanding of not only who you are but also who you are becoming.  Naada is unique, highly intuitive, deeply connected to her being and has a beautifully balanced sense of physical and non physical reality which creates the ultimate space for a mind, body, spirit, healing, revealing and activation session."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Krizstina D


                                                            Ivy Joeva

"Naada created a very welcoming space and brought an extraordinary foundation of knowledge to the session, integrating BodyTalk, sound healing, massage therapy, emotional release, and Reiki. Her empathic ability was incredible. She really got to the heart of the matter, both energetically and physically. She drew my attention to signals from my own body that I am now better able to recognize and respond to myself.  She also offered helpful practices to overcome blockages and enhance the mind-body connection. I came away feeling amazing, and greatly empowered to tune in to myself, body, mind and soul."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Erin Shaw

                                                      Shaman Durek



“I don’t know that there is one word to describe what Naada does: it’s body work, it’s spiritual healing, it’s energy work, it's body connectiveness, it’s biofeedback and a greater sense of self awareness all rolled into one.  Naada is a very gifted therapist.  She brings a level of intuitiveness, understanding and safety to every session.  My sessions with her are consistently healing and centering.  Through my work with Naada I was able to identify,  access and release emotional and physical pain my body had been clinging to for years.
I cannot recommend working with Naada enough.  She has been an unexpected and very welcome gift.”

                                                                                   - Elizabeth Boykewich