Emerging Into Light - What is Ascension?

We are awakening, transitioning from one realm of consciousness into another. Shifting through dreamworlds. It is fascinating how we stare into our possible future as if it is separate from us. We may feel trapped and contained as though it so close yet so far. The veil is thin now... it is time to break through to the other side.

We all feel it. The transformation is surging through our tiny bodies because we are extensions of our Mother Earth.  Some of us recognize it more consciously and embrace the sensations moving through us as we cleanse and strengthen our temples to hold the higher frequencies of love and compassion for all life on our planet. We are the anchors for the coming era referred to by some as the Golden Age, Shamballa or the Satya Yuga (Era of Truth). 

All of this is beautiful to fantasize about, however, it is ineffective unless we utilize our ability to envision a better world to propel us into actions that cause it to become our physical experience of reality. You see, the Ascension that so many are speaking about does not happen TO us...it happens BECAUSE of us. As Sandra Walter so eloquently puts it:

“Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in Evolution.” 

Although there is no doubt (for those of us who follow astrology) that the cosmic energies are lining up quite nicely to assist humanity in accessing more evolved states of being, these energies cannot be activated to their fullest potential unless we  fully open up to accept them. This requires commitment and discipline. It is not a coincidence that the words disciple and discipline are basically one and the same. True discipline is getting out of one's own way enough for a higher teaching to come through.

Those who choose 'discipleship' (no religious context is implied here) are the ones who receive the elevated energy and transmit it into the unconscious collective of our species. Like neurons, we reach towards each other, forging new pathways. Each time we do, the signal is reinforced and is able to broadcast with less and less resistance, quickly becoming the more dominant reality. 

We are the filters through which consciousness experiences itself.  As we fine-tune our own perceptions we literally become the doorway for the new paradigm to flow into our collective existence.  The more bandwidth we condition our nervous system to stream,  the faster our world transforms. What does that mean? It means that every time your default conditioning tells you to feel icky or hateful or pissed off at someone, use your willpower to override the old program, choose to let it go, and place all of your focus on emanating gratitude, love and compassion. That is what mastery over your mind and nervous system looks and feels like.* The more you do it, the easier it becomes, just like everything else in our universe. Keep it up and soon you will be a a magnificent and powerful conduit for all that is good in the world. Like Gandhi said, "be the change" and be it BIG!

So what is Ascension? It is a choice. Those of us who choose it become the vessels that hold the light of a New Day. We have willingly offered ourselves as Ambassadors of this Movement. We are the future and we know it in every thought, in every breath, every word and every action. And because, if we aren't the future, then....it doesn't appear that there will be much of one for anyone.

We are awakening and we are not alone. We are the Ascension.


*I want to clarify... this is a short article and I do not have the time to go into the complexities of emotion. It is important to state that there is nothing wrong with feeling sad, depressed, angry or anxious. We do not want to ignore what arises within us. There are times when these are the healthiest emotions for us to experience. Stay aware to when you are consciously choosing to feel these emotions due to extreme loss of frustration or if you have subconsciously fallen into a rut where these emotions control you instead of the other way around.